Antispam Bee Version 2.11.2 released

While we are working in the background on the next major update of Antispam Bee, today we released version 2.11.2.

Compatibility with PHP 8.1 and WordPress 6.1

As always, we’ve been keeping a close eye on ensuring Antispam Bee is compatible with the latest WordPress version. For WP 6.1, we didn’t have to make any changes this time. Instead, we addressed a minor issue with PHP 8.1. If you had Antispam Bee installed on PHP 8.1 but didn’t receive any spam yet (congratulations!), you might have been bothered by a nasty PHP warning. This will not happen anymore from now on.

Various minor problems with translations

Antispam Bee is translated into 27 languages by many, many volunteers. ♥️ Also, because of this, we took a closer look at the code around our translations and fixed some minor bugs.

From now on, spam reasons that are displayed on the comments page can also be translated. We also removed some unnecessary translations and adjusted some code that sometimes loaded translation files quite cheekily twice.

That’s about it. Now we’ll continue to focus on Antispam Bee 3.0 and hopefully get back to you soon with a test version.

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