Tip for Antispam Bee: reduce Spam database

This post originally appeared in Sergej Müller’s Google+ profile (in German) and is no longer accessible there. It’s now kept here by the Pluginkollektiv.

I recommend not to delete spam detected by Antispam Bee immediately but to keep it in the WordPress database – the plugin option “Mark detected spam, do not delete” is responsible for this. The reason: If the function “Include local spam database” is activated, Antispam Bee considers already detected spam comments.


… depending on the size of the WordPress project, the database will quickly fill up – exaggeratedly put 😉 Although the plugin can automatically clean up the database after X days and delete older entries, there is a way to get by with a much smaller stock of suspicious commentary entries. And that is:

Activate the plugin option “Delete immediately for defined spam reasons” and select “CSS Hack” there. Save settings.

From now on Antispam Bee deletes every spam comment that has filled in the invisible input field – this is 100% a spam bot. You don’t need to save such comments in WordPress, because bots of this kind use the same technique to drop the comment over and over again and Antispam Bee reliably detects them without having to access the local inventory.

After the change Antispam Bee really only keeps spam comments that have been “noticed” by other filtering techniques. The number of local spam comments is thus reduced many times over, without compromising the antispam protection.

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