Antispam Bee 2.5.8 available

This post originally appeared in Sergej Müller’s Google+ profile (in German) and is no longer accessible there. It’s now kept here by the Pluginkollektiv.

The update brings two – in my opinion exciting – features. In detail:

1. Dashboard widget revised

Google Charts was used as a JavaScript library to display the spam history in the WordPress dashboard. For many plugin users, the Google “connection” was/is a thorn in the side (privacy concerns, etc.) – the number of real complaints increased. So I decided to swap the JS-Library. From now on, Raphaël takes over the coloring of the spam history.

2. Stop forum spam instead of Tornevall

Plugin users with the option “Consider public spam database” enabled will enjoy it. Reason for the change of the spammer database: Tornevall uses the same database as Stop Forum Spam, but the spammer data is not matched until hours or days later. And with spam, topicality plays an enormously important role, as the spam can be detected more reliably. Stop Forum Spam is definitely ahead. It is an internal plugin change, end users do not have to adjust anything.

The documentation is also adapted.

The update is now available in the WordPress-Admin. Good luck fighting the parasites 😉

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