Antispam in WordPress: Antispam Bee 2.4 is here

This post originally appeared in Sergej Müller’s Google+ profile (in German) and is no longer accessible there. It’s now kept here by the Pluginkollektiv.

Plugins are like children: they crave love, time and care. Now it’s the turn of Antispam Bee to be polished again. And indeed, a lot has happened. Optically as well as technically (although not without technical ;).


On the linked product page all changes are documented in the changelog. Individual functions are also described in detail.

Changes at a glance

  1. the source code was revised, commented and made more readable At the same time, the minimum requirements have increased – PHP 5.1.2 and WordPress 3.0 are expected (those who don’t have any are not allowed to update).
  2. the most interesting change (because “hands-on”) refers to the new interface of the options page. Due to the large number/variety of options the page became very confusing over time. The new GUI promises more overview and uses tabs within the settings. User reports show whether this technique is more advantageous than its predecessor.
  3. from now on it is possible to have spam deleted immediately depending on the suspected reason (if it is marked at all and not removed). This technique is especially useful if one or more Antispam Bee filters are trusted without exception (keyword false positive) and do not want to store spam that is caught by them. This is especially useful if you have an above-average number of spam comments in your blog. CSS Hack and Spam IP are the candidates for.
  4. IPv6 support has been added.

Antispam Bee is now available via Auto Update in the WordPress Admin.


Big update with countless development evenings and test rounds. Many thanks to Dominik Schilling, Pascal Herbert and Benjamin Marwell for suggestions and testing.

One request: Please check your comment functions after the update.

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